Restaurants In Las Vegas

While some people may label Las Vegas as “Sin City”, with all the wedding chapels that can be found in Vegas, it could be considered “Romance City” as well. One of the key elements to a romantic evening is a nice dinner. Some of the top rated dining experiences you will enjoy could very well be some of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas.

Rated one of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas is the Pearl. This restaurant offers Cantonese/Shanghai type cuisine. The Pearl is located inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The pricing is a little on the higher side but if you’re looking for a romantic ambience, you’re sure to find it here in this restaurant. Another restaurant on this list is Joel Robuchon. This establishment offers French cuisine, which may not be for everyone; however the decor seduces the minute you walk in the door. With beautiful chandeliers, wrought iron and purple velvet drapes, it’s easy to see why this establishment was on the top of the “romantic” list. For diners with a more “Americanized” palate, or who crave a good old American steak dinner, there is the StripSteak at Mandalay Bay. In fact, there are a few restaurants located inside the Mandalay Bay that make the list of most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas. You will also find Italian, Japanese and a few seafood restaurants fall into the top 10.

However you decide to spend your romantic weekend in Las Vegas be sure that one of these restaurants is on your list of “to do’s”. When you look back on the Las Vegas vacation years later your great dining experiences are sure to be part of the memory.