Restaurants In Las Vegas

There are so many things about the city of Las Vegas that make it such a wonderful vacation experience. Aside from offering hundreds of beautifully appointed hotels and casinos with first rate service, there are also hundreds of top rated restaurants to choose from. I’m not referring to all the buffets offered in Vegas, although some of those are great when you’re on a budget. I’m referring to the hundreds of fine dining establishments that Vegas has to offer, more specifically, the Italian restaurants in Las Vegas.

The top 10 Italian restaurants in Las Vegas appear on that list for many different reasons. One of the restaurants mentioned is Battista’s Hole in the Wall, located behind the Flamingo ,which is family owned and has been serving Vegas for over 30 years. Their menu includes all variety of old world style pasta dishes. You definitely will get your money’s worth here because there are so many things that come standard with all dinners that you can almost fill up on soup, bread, salad and pastas before the main course arrives. Battista’s also offers free house wine. Some of the restaurants that make the list of top Italian restaurants in Las Vegas offer amenities such as banquet facilities, delivery service, online ordering and extensive wine lists. Many are located on the strip, while some you may have to go off the strip a bit, but they are definitely worth the extra travel time.

Aside from Italian food being a favorite style of cuisine for many, you can’t beat the ambience in most Italian restaurants. Italian restaurants are great places for dates, as several of them have such a romantic setting. It has been said that Italian food is the chosen cuisine for a romantic night out with your sweetie. Las Vegas restaurants offer some of the best cuisines in the country, so next time you’re in the city, take time to visit one of these fine establishments.