Las Vegas is known for its inordinate number of casinos, clubs, strip joints, and other entertainment hubs. Now, Sin City adds recreational and medical pot shops to the list, making this cool town the ultimate place where you can indulge in your hedonistic pursuits. With many licensed dispensaries in Las Vegas, you can certainly add a lot of pizzazz to your “only in Las Vegas” experience by

choosing the best weed strains in various reputable shops that sell your legal marijuana needs.

The many certified dispensaries in Las Vegas care about sourcing the best organic, chemical-free plants and oils to add to their list of product offerings, which means both the tourist and local stoners will get only top-notch merchandise. Read on below to find out a few critical things that you need to know before your visit, especially if you’re from out of state or a first-timer popping your marijuana dispensary cherry. 

First Things First

In July 2017, the adult use of all cannabis was legalized in the state of Nevada. This makes the Silver State as one of the eight states that allow recreational use. Ever since the law was passed, many visitors have made pot a part of their party experience to supplement the highs that they get from casino floors and various clubs that line the famous Strip. That being said, marijuana is banned on the Strip and Freemont Street. So after getting quickly married by Elvis, you can now legally smoke pot to celebrate your nuptials, just make sure you do it in a safe, legal place.

Important Reminder: As a tourist, you are not allowed by federal law to carry cannabis across state lines, even if your home is in another state where cannabis is legal. It is also federally illegal to carry marijuana with you through the TSA checkpoint in airports. If you happen to have a stash in your bag at McCarran International Airport in Vegas, you must unload your excess weed in those “last chance” disposal boxes around the facility. No one will ask you questions or raise their eyebrows. Don’t forget to do this, or you will be considered breaking the law.

Doctor Recommendations

Out-of-state medical cards are acceptable in Nevada, with medical marijuana being legal since 2001. If you are from out of town and you bring all your crucial paperwork, it is guaranteed that you’ll get cheaper buds and faster service. A marijuana card removes the 10% excise tax and it also allows you to purchase more products, which otherwise would have a limit.

As a state resident, you can also apply for the Nevada medical marijuana card. That being said, keep in mind that some places don’t bother with doctors’ prescriptions because they sell only for recreational purposes. Similar to restaurant menus, both medical dispensaries and recreational dispensaries have a vast list of products that you can try while you’re in town. After all, it is safe and totally legit! Take note that medical sales are tracked, while recreational ones are not.

Dispo or Delivery

Those who feel lazy may want to skip going to an actual dispo, or dispensary, to have the option of getting your goods delivered to your doorstep. However, you must take note that online dispensary menus tend to be outdated. For a more current list of inventory, or if there is a specific item that you must get your clutches on, you may want to give the dispensary a call or visit the actual brick-and-mortar store. 

You must also remember that while online ordering and delivery are available services in most dispensaries, there are only a few shops that offer a 24/7 delivery service. For delivery, you MUST have the exact change. You also have to be aware that you cannot order marijuana right up to your hotel room. It is illegal to deliver to hotel-resort casinos.

Another critical factor to consider is this: most dispensaries don’t take plastic. This is typically a cash-based business, though there are a few places that accept bank cards. The reason for this is though many states have made it legal, marijuana use it still illegal under the federal law, making card processing difficult to acquire for dispensaries. If you come unprepared with the dough, worry not, for there are ATMs set up on most sites. Think of this as your stripper babes that line Sin City—they love cash but don’t take credit.

Topicals, Edibles, and Pre-rolls

Today’s marijuana is no longer the same as your grandpa’s grass. There are many different kinds of product offerings that dope dispensaries are stocked with, which you can choose from depending on what you need or feel like using. There are capsules you can swallow like a normal drug. There are also concentrates like tinctures, oils, shatters, hash, and sublingual applications. Edibles come in the form of gummies, candies, brownies, and more. Pre-rolled joints for smoking are a typical favorite. For smoke-free options, there are vapor pens and disposable cartridges.


If this is your first time to try cannabis, you will be happy to see that every dispensary has their own friendly service team to help you navigate through the process. These budtenders, which is the term for marijuana sales associates, will give you a lowdown on all the products, along with the probable highs each one can give, the taste, the scent, its benefits, and its price per ounce. Marijuana products have a broad range in terms of costs. For instance, one gram of the pineapple express strain in the Essence Dispensary is four times more expensive that its Black Jack Collective counterpart.  

Key tip: As a general rule of thumb, the closer your chosen dispensary is to the Strip, the more expensive that place will be because you will be forking over the Vegas tourist tax. On top of that, be aware that there are additional taxes levied, as outside the Strip prices do not include that 10% excise tax on their sticker prices. 

Since you’re in Sin City, you must take note that a lot of places offer freebies. They also offer special discounts, especially for first-timers who are looking to take their first hit. If you’re a repeat customer, you can avail of discounts with your favorite dispensary’s customer loyalty rewards program. All dispensaries also offer various kinds of daily deals, so you can save money on your marijuana costs

Where to Get your Weed – Dispos

As a result of Nevada’s permissive laws, there are now more than fifty well-stocked dispensaries to choose from in town. The areas of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson have more than twenty dispensaries among them. Clark County also happens to boast of the same stats. Here are the top dispensaries in town:

Planet 13

What makes Las Vegas an interesting place to get your cannabis is that it houses the largest dispensary in the world that caters to both locals and tourists. This dispo is no other than Planet 13, which is a 112,000-foot structure that also happens to be an entertainment complex where you can do things like play with interactive laser graffiti. This 24-hour dispensary lives up to Las Vegas’s showy and spectacular standards, with their medical and recreation cannabis products from capsules, vapes, and more. For maximum customer satisfaction, they offer free shuttle services, discounts, and the like.

Reef Dispensaries

This shop has different branches in Nevada and Arizona, but their main headquarters is found near the Strip, just next to Planet 13. This Reef company is both a grower and a retailer, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality products. In fact, they have their own inclusive line called Tryke and Khalifa Kush. This funky dispensary with a great following is owned by a rapper.

The Source

This company has two locations in Las Vegas at Henderson and Westside. They offer more than 30 strains of cannabis with a variety of concentrations. The Source has a wide range of products that include edibles. They offer loyal clients customer education seminars and a loyalty rewards program.

Essence Cannabis Dispensaries

This company has three locations in Vegas nears SLS, Henderson, and Tropicana West. They are the only location that’s sort of on the Strip. This doesn’t mean they are sandwiched between the hotels. The company is way up north, far from all the action. Essence offers more than 50 strains of flowers and pre-rolls, vape pens, concentrates, topicals, and edibles such as cookies, chocolates, gummies, and drinks.

Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary

This shop is close to the Strip and the convention center. This ReLeaf dispensary has a trendy bar lounge feel. They have the world’s first and only tasting bar inside a dispensary. They also carry the world’s first cannabeer, called Two Roots. They have some of the best deals and prices that are as close to the Strip as you can get.

Aside from these top five dispensaries, there are many other reputable dispensaries out there. Do check out this map, where you can see how they are located in relation to the Strip. Before you head out to get your weed of choice, it is critical to do some advanced research for your protection and satisfaction.

How to Get Your Weed Delivered

If you are feeling lazy, you can get your weed delivered. But again, it must be reiterated that it is illegal to have weed delivered to your hotel. Vegas has imposed that all marijuana delivery vehicles must carry an approved inspection form to show the legitimacy of their operations.

Where to Smoke or Consume

Technically, you are not supposed to smoke weed in your hotel room or anywhere else in a public area. That being said, this rule has gone up in smoke (a cloud of pot smoke) that seems to perpetually hover over the Las Vegas Valley. But if you are a stickler for rules, the hardcore truth is you can only legally smoke all that legally purchased marijuana products in the comforts of your own home. 

These joints are definitely not allowed in the Strip and along Freemont Street. If you are dying for a hit in your hotel room, consider purchasing edibles, vape pens, disposable cartridges, and other smokeless items so you can get your quick fix. You can also check with your hotel facility, usually off the Strip, regarding their policies, especially if they have a smoking room.  

This very limiting rule has pushed policymakers to advocate for marijuana lounges, cafes, and tasting rooms. State Senator Tick Segerblom says these are possible solutions to this problem. As of press time, the city council of Las Vegas voted to allow already existing dispensaries to get permits that will grant them permission to open consumption lounges where tourists can finally use their marijuana products in a comfy setting with the possibility of meals and entertainment options. Early October of 2019, the first ever marijuana tasting lounge already opened at the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace dispensary.   

Laws to Stay Safe

Here is a quick rundown of the laws to keep you safe:

  • You must be 21 or older with proper government-issued identification to purchase and use marijuana.
  • You cannot have marijuana delivered to a hotel room.
  • You cannot smoke marijuana outside in a public area, your hotel, room, and even in your car.
  • You must not drive while you are stoned, doing so is akin to a DUI offense.
  • You can buy from only a state-licensed dispensary, or you will be breaking the law.
  • You must not carry cannabis across state lines.