Las Vegas is pretty huge, and offers a lot to see and do – even if you don’t leave the Strip, you can still find plenty of places to keep your schedule tightly filled. This is easily a double-bladed knife though, because it’s not uncommon for first-timers to spend all their time moving from one place to another, and end up feeling like they haven’t really experienced

anything special.

Proper planning is key to having a good, fulfilling time in Vegas, and there are some general tips you can follow to make your schedule as convenient as possible. If you pull this off right, you’ll ensure that you utilize every minute of your time in Vegas, and you’ll end up with plenty of memories to come back to!

First, use the Internet properly. Don’t just look up the names of the places you’re going to visit – actually see them on a map, there is certainly no lack of options for this. Once you’ve made a list of interesting spots you’d like to visit, lay them out on a map, and plan your route for every day. This will save you a surprising amount of time, and will spare you the annoying surprise of discovering that your next target is a place you’ve already passed through multiple times!

Don’t forget to include food breaks in your planning; this is something a lot of people tend to forget for some reason. Treat this the same way as you approach the rest of your planning – know which places along your route are worth eating at, and be prepared with information about their prices, opening hours, and so on. It’s a good idea to make a short list of the most promising-looking restaurants on your phone for offline viewing, in case it turns out you don’t have Internet there.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a separate day for casinos entirely, as you should scratch that obvious itch as soon as possible. Let’s not fool ourselves, this is likely one of the primary reasons you’re here – but if you go to a casino each day, you can easily get lost in your games and forget the rest of your trip. It’s better if you plan one of your days specifically for enjoying the best casinos, and for that day, you should have a list of places you’re going to visit just as well (and of course, a carefully defined budget which you know you’ll be able to work with!)

Don’t leave gifts for the last minute either! Everyone wants to take home something from Vegas, but it’s not uncommon that people keep postponing this over and over again, and end up having to do their gift-shopping in a rush. It’s best if you are always on the lookout for potential small things to buy for your friends and family back at home, and build up your list of gifts one by one over the whole trip, instead of trying to buy everything in one go.

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